The Taiwan Beer Commercial

I shot a commercial from dusk till dawn today. A commercial for Taiwan Beer. It was pretty good fun. I of course never took a fake sip, so I ended up going through about 6 cans (of various sizes.) The commercial was first shot in an apartment with a bunch of folk eating and drinking and having a good time. The second half was shot at a convenience buying the stuff. That pretty much wraps up the day.

The funny things that happend through the day were:

* Me downing beers like I they were free (wait a sec… they were!)
* Chewing Binlang (Betel nut) then spitting some onto their shirt (they gave me one to wear) before the shoot was done.
* Impressing some Taiwanese dudes with my ability to navigate from Xizhi to Zhonghe (after they got lost)

Links to the videos and pictures will be at the bottom of the post.

My mother wrote me a “warning” email about the HYPENESS that came off of the last post. It is a justified warning. I haven’t wrote about it here, but I’ve been off of my medication for the last three weeks or so. What that does for me is produce an abundance of HYPE! (which I of course like.) Problem is when it’s get to being too hype. I decided last week that I’d get back on my daily regament on brain vitamins starting today. *plop* *swallow* All done.

I think taking medication everyday is one of my biggest motivating factors to becoming rich. I personally would rather not take medication, but the risk of me ending up in a brain hospital is what keeps me in check. The hospital part doesn’t bother so much as the wasting all of my resources being in the hospital and waiting the year or so to get back to my “normal” self.

I am on constant gaurd to no let that happen again. Oh, and I somehow ended up with a free case of Taiwan Beer. Maybe I’ll save it for the movie night I’m suppose to host in a few weeks.

Clicking this or any picture will take you to the photo set page.

Beer Commercial


Beer Commercial

It’ll take a bit for the movies to be ready. I tried putting them on and I’m having some trouble getting them (well one, the other is still uploading) public. Anotehr post will soon follow…

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