Media Dump + Broken Comments

I guess commenting has been broke for the last few weeks or so. I had installed that SpamKarma stuff, but I never got it working properly. I’ll have to work on getting the whole comment thing sorted out. Right now it’s set to moderate all, but after I approve one, then you won’t need me approval anymore (or something like that.) Sorry about any inconvenience.

Here be the two Beer Commercials (see post below)
[Part 1] [Part 2]

Here is what a bunch of nerds (minus Sinclair to prevent being choked out in class) look like after drinking beers:

Here is some dude freestyle rapping in Chinese. My camera was full of other stuff at the time so I couldn’t record much. I also don’t understand why I laughed so hard at one part and not at the cellphone part (that makes me laugh now, must have breezed by me.)
[Freestyle RAP! (in 國語), the shit is PIMP]

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4 Responses to Media Dump + Broken Comments

  1. Sinclair says:

    I can’t say I’m not a nerd after passing discworld novels out.

  2. miltownkid says:

    I’m glad you admit truth when it’s staring you in the face 😉

  3. James Lick says:

    Have you looking into installing Akismet? It has done a fantastic job killing spam comments on my blog.

  4. miltownkid says:

    I’ll check that one out. Spam Karma was working OK at first, but I kept having issues with it.

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