“I Commit to Being Rich”

That’s right. Those of you reading this now will get to witness a transformation to rich. By me. I already had a good feeling about my decision to “sell out to the man”, but now I have been handed down a book that’s helping me rework my thinking a tad, and feel good about the hype. Examlpe, instead of saying “selling out to the man” (which implies negativity) I am now “commiting to being rich”, which I for some reason would have in the past associated with being bad (for some reason), but no more.

The name of the book is “Think Rich to Get Rich – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.” I’m about half way through it now, and it’s easily worth spending the time to borrow the book and read, and just as easily worth it as a buy (assuming you’re going to put what you learned to work for you.)

I had a notebook handy while reading (something I’ve gotten in the habit of doing, if even just to jot down random thoughts as they clutter my head while reading.) Anyway, I wrote down some of the spots where the book slapped me in the face. I’ll share a few:

There are a few spots in the book where the author gets you to think about things in the past that shape your current view of money. Two things I jotted down was “Money is Evil”, I’ve had that view for a long time. Another was the fact that every Christmas at my Grandmother’s house when it was time to open present I had to be careful not to rip the paper so it could be saved for next year. The reason that popped in my head is because he used an older gentleman’s story about growing up during the depression and how that can affect you. Then I realized that even I had an experience directly related to the great depression that molded the way I looked at money.

Here’s some simple “sage” advice he gave in one section of the book.

If you want to get rich focus on making, keeping and investing your money.

It’s a very simple statement, but if a person meditated on that alone great things would happen.

He also pointed out how people that tell themselves (and anyone that’ll listen) “Money doesn’t matter.” are always broke. The money doesn’t matter line is one I’ll say I said often. It was something I’d battle with. Thinking to myself “Money doesn’t matter” then five minutes later dreaming about my private island. Those two things don’t mix and one has to die. Money does matter!

My blog will now feature gems of knowledge from the different books I read and the progress I’ve been making with them. For example I think I will also share parts each month (maybe just the expenses) of my monthly money tracking data that I learned from the book “Your Money or Your Life.”

Getting rich will now be my new BJJ. I’ll still be very commited to BJJ, but I’ll leave most of that commitment in class, and time outside of class will be saved for downing beers and getting rich.

I’ll be in a beer commercial tomorrow so I’ll probably have plenty of time to finish the book. Maybe I’ll write a little closing piece about it.

Oh, and here’s a funny movie I just put on Youtube.com. I call it “看過電影之後就知道我的中文比你好” (loose translation “After you see this movie, you’ll know my Chinese is better than yours”.)
[Click here and Enjoy!]

Here’s the book I speak of one more time:

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3 Responses to “I Commit to Being Rich”

  1. Mr. sapo says:

    Still commited?

  2. Mario says:

    Lil Bro I feel you lets make this happen

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