Selling Out to the Man

I’ve mostly avoided making money online for some reason. What that is is, I’m not sure. Maybe it has something to do with my aversion towards money, or maybe it’s because it seemed like too much trouble to figure out. What ever it was, that reason is gone now.

I the past, I never bothered to check my webstats (how many visitors I get to the blog, etc.) I just checked it out of couriousity (and my new found love of the man) and saw that I’m up, way up. My blog got some attention from [an old post I made about Betel Nut Beauties (the toy)] I knew I would have high views from that, and I did. The strange thing (or maybe not so) is that ever since then it’s been up and has stayed up. I’m not sure exactly what that means. Probably one of those things that just happens (you get links from one place, then it keeps folding out etc.) Anyhoo, I’m going to take some time out of my not-busy-at-all schedule and clean this blog up and get it pimped out with Google Adsense thinks all over and get my 50 cents a day.

I’ve also decided that some sites that I have sitting around that I’ve wanted to do something with I finally will. I’ll get that thing flowing again (one of these days), get some of my other funnier domains crackin’ and see what I can do.

We’ll see how long I stay excited about my interest in coquering the Internet and making being online one of my many part-time jobs (it is already, I just don’t get paid for it yet.)

Stay tuned for a post about me getting 3 gold metals last weekend and a bunch of movies to go with it. I’ve been waiting to get some videos and I should get them tomorrow, I’ll then do a little recap of the event (a BJJ tournament.)

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