Let’s See…

Maybe there’s so much going on right now that my mind is blank…

I went to a Salsa class last week and Salsaed a bit this week. That Salsa stuff is fun. I’ve noticed that I’m finally starting to grow out of Break Dancing (though the urge still strikes every now and then.) The kind of places I need to go to break dance aren’t very appealing to me anymore.

I’ve jumped back on the “Your Money or You Life” train again. This will be my third attempt at doing the money tracking part (tracking every you spend down to the penny.) The longest I’ve lasted is about a month and a half. I feel confident that I’ll last longer this time. I learned a lot of (personal) tips and tricks from the last two attempts.

Last week I also started working on some of that “Getting Things Done” stuff again. This time in the form of a program for the Mac. The program is basically a list manager and runs a script to make it GTD friendly. You can read about that here: http://kinkless.com/

This morning I found an alternative to Youtube called Revver ( http://www.revver.com/ .) It’s cool because the uploader keeps the copyright and might make a little money from the advertising. I think I’ll give them a shot.

I had a full week off of all work last week. I got a lot of things done around the house. One of those things was piling up all the junk I want to get rid of:

Junk Pile

Tomorrow will be the first day of the BJJ tournament. Since we don’t have any heavy weight bluebelts in our clube I decided to fight in the heaviest weight category (I’m 84kg right now, the heaviest starts at 90kg.) That should make things interesting.

I was having problems with my comment filter, so I turned comments off for a bit. They’re coming back on now.

That’s enough for now.


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