Back From My Trip

I made it back from my vacation alive.  Everyday was a new day dancing with death (well sort of.)  I guess I shouldn’t spoil the stories though.  I pre-wrote some posts while I was on the trip on my new iBook.  The iBook is currently getting it’s battery calibrated so I can’t use it right now.  I’ll get it posted either tonight or during the day tomorrow.

I will say that our trip to Green Island got cut short by a Typhoon that hit hard down south and did nothing in Taipei.  I guess this should be looked at as a good thing, but since my vacation got cut short I wanted a day off of work.  I suppose the gods had a lesson for me wrapped up in that experience somehow.

This is my last week of work before a whole week off (yay!), then I’ll only be working in the evenings for a whole month at a total of about 9 hours a week (double yay!)  I hope to get a bunch of stuff done.  Now I’m going tog eat some Pineapples from Taidong.

miltown The Brown kid

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