It’s Late and I’m Drunk

Mom sent me an email a couple of days ago.  That’s a sure sign that I haven’t been bloging.  I’m thinking about posting somehting every day now just to keep a record of things for myself.  My mom won’t like hearing this, but I went a week medication free.  There weren’t any big changes, but I did stay up pretty late a few days.  I decided to go back to un-unmedication free and took some today.  “Better safe than sorry” they say.

Thigns are rolling about pretty good for me as of late.  My current job will roll to an end at the end of July.  After that I should be packing my things and moving off to another location in the Taibei area.  I have this cool idea baout what to dp with work that I’m going to share with you blog readers (which I suspect aren’t many though I could be wrong.)  Instead of find another full-time/part time job, I’m going to try my luck as a substitute/hustler.  I’m going to keep one job and hustle/substitue to make up the extra money.  Something is really erking me about regular work and I think now’s the time to change it.  I don’t think I’ll have any trouble covering my current “cost of living” so why not eh?

I was looking for a picutre of that guy Make (that some of you may know), but I found a picture of my mom looking real pimp.  I think I’ll post that.

I was going to post a Make picutre because I was taling to him a sec ago.

Oh, I think I was going to say something about posting every day.  I think I’m going to post everyday to keep a log for myself to keep track of how things are going for me.  Then I can look back and go… “Hey, that’s how things were going”

Tonight: 3 beers and it looks like bed at around 2 for me today (it’s 1 now) I took a nap this afternoon for 1.5 hours and that was real nice.  I had breakfast lunch and dinner today.  Talked with I Ping ofr a while about life and stuff in the park over 2 cans of beer.  Loincloths are tight.

milotwonkid <-my drunk versino

spell mistake left for “atmosphere”

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2 Responses to It’s Late and I’m Drunk

  1. Mark says:

    Nice post. The header art, which includes a picture of you knocking one back, really punctuates it nicely.

    -A guy who narrowly escaped being named “MaKe” himself

  2. Frost says:

    I made that header art. Glad you enjoyed it. Drunk blog posting is sweet. I have to try that soon.

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