Got My Blue Belt Today!!

First of all, I’d like to apoligize to everyone that left comments. I just went through and approved them today, they are much appreciated (especially the one from [jlick] about the 8 titties lol)

Well at practice today… I got my blue belt in BJJ (as you can see from the title.) Basically, I missed class for about a week and a half because the gym was closed for a bit, then I made a trip to Gaoxiong this weekend. In Gaoxiong I practiced with some guys down there and I made up a new move. I showed the new move to our coach today and he liked it (I’m sure that even though I “made it up” it already exists somewhere.) At the end of class today I had to roll with everyone nonstop. Basically, I won’t tap someone, then someone else would jump in right away trying to choke me out or something. Finally, Junior (our coach) jumping in trying to arm bar me. I got really serious then, but he told me to stand up. I’m blind without my glasses, so I didn’t even see the blue belt (Sinclair had to tell me what was going on.) And there it was, my blue belt (actually, it was Blood’s blue belt, I need to buy one tomorrow 🙂 .)

That’s easily the highlight of my day. Work in the morning went good. We’re all ready for graduation performance (which is a big deal here.) I skipped my afternoon job because of heavy rains. I’ll try to write up a story about my trip to Gaoxiong this week.


miltown “the blue belt” kid

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2 Responses to Got My Blue Belt Today!!

  1. miltownmom says:

    Hey, it’s about time to update again!

  2. Sinclair says:

    I’m always having to tell you what’s going on!
    ..and what time it is.

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