Update! Not Grumpy

So I played some Xbox and rolled out to Jujitsu.  Hurting/Chokign people brightend things up, then a 12 inch sub from Subway fixed me right up.  Four of us went for subs after practice and took turns telling stories from the old (ranging from crack heads on milk crates to drunken Japanese girls in KTV.)

Currently at 87% ungrumpy.  I think a little Xbox will top things off nicely.

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2 Responses to Update! Not Grumpy

  1. Emily says:

    Hey dude –
    I can’t find (ahem, I lost) any contact information I had for you, but I think it’s been nearly a year now that you’ve been hosting my web stuff – are you up for another year? Are you still doing hosting or would it be better for me to find someone over here to do it?


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