I Don’t Have a Plan!

My buddy [Frost] hooked me up with a new header today (out of bordem I think.) I likes it!

Lots of new news to report. Sinclair has [started his own blog] and given me the green light to say I’ve arm barred every whitebelt in the Jujitsu club :). His blog is hosted on some weird shit that I’ve never heard of. Why couldn’t he just get a blogger account like everyone else?

I had been working overtime on the Xbox360 for the last week or so trying to beat Call of Duty 2 on the hardest difficulty. I finally succeeded this morning. Now it’s time to trade that game away or resell it to the computer market. Now I’ll be working through perfecting Burnout or playing through Oblivian.

I thought there was more to report (and there probably is) but I’m pretty mentally and physically tired right now from Jujitsu (arming and choking people is hard work.) I should be in the Philippines right now choking people out, but i couldn’t make it to the tournament this time.

I feel the need to report the passing of my Aunt Mary. Her battle with cancer ended yesterday. I got to see her over Chinese New Year when I went back and she was looking very weak at that time and things got worse from there. I am happy to say that modern and traditional medicine helped ease her pains and give her a big extesion on the time she was able to play on planet earth. I will always remember Aunt Mary as the person that wanted to buy me a Nintendo for Christmas, but mom didn’t let (look at me now, a video game feind.) She always gave the best presents at Christmas too. Mom: books. Granda: socks and underwear. Aunt Mary: a kick ass robot toy from Japan that could turn into 9 different things. She had a bee farm to and I got to smoke bees (smoke like sausage not smoke like crack.) I guess she’s chillin “on the other side” now.

Tonight I go out for a family birthday dinner with I-Ping (her birthday’s coming right up.)

That’s enough for now


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4 Responses to I Don’t Have a Plan!

  1. Frost says:

    I must say, that banner looks fantastic! I think I did a pretty good job.

  2. Sinclair says:

    I’ve moved over to blogger now , bizatch!


  3. miltownkid says:

    I recommend blogger only because it’s easy to use and easy to switch to other software from it if you ever choose to do s.

  4. miltownmom says:

    Thanks for your comments on your aunt. Death was neither easy nor peaceful for her, but she is happy now.

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