Happy Mother’s Day

I went on a Mother’s Day adventure today with the Taiwan family. It was a good time. I’m tired so won’t write much (want to play Xbox :D.)

Here’s something to look forward to. For a while I’ve been trying to figure out something to do with [Happybirthdaynigga.com] and [Happybirthdaybitch.com]. It finally hit me. I’m going to put an installation of WordPress on each one and write up people’s birthday. It might be someone famous, someone I know, some past historical dude, or my pops. Then, using WordPress, I can have the birthday prewritten, so new ones will pop up automatically on the correct day. That should be fun.

And finally. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

We made these in class on Friday. I colored it by myself and everything 😀 (though the Chinese teacher glued it together for me :).)

Do something fun today ma.


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1 Response to Happy Mother’s Day

  1. miltownmom says:

    Thanks. Thought you’d forgotten about me!

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