The Xbox Gets Turned Off

I think today, exactly one month after getting it, was the first time I’ve turned the Xbox off without needing to A: sleep or B: go somewhere. Anytime prior to that I’d turn it on and go at it until I couldn’t go at it no more. The newness is finally wearing off a little bit. I even decided to take a nap today instead of forcing myself to stay awake so I’d have more time to play.

I might even do something crazy like read a book at home instead of play it.

There’s this thread [NEWS STORY: Taiwanese/US Custody Battle] over on about… well a custody battle between an American and Taiwanese women. I’ve been poppin’ my head in and out of that one. Yesterday and funny piece of information came up about an escort website she use to have. Someone found an Archive of that site with pictures and an escort review site with her details. Well, long story short is I went ahead and bought that old domain. I was going to put something silly there, like a flash movie playing the hook to “My Baby Daddy.” I guess I won’t though.

While getting ready for work this morning, I noticed a movie on TV *excuse me while I find the name* ah here it is: [“My Date With Drew”] Basically it’s a movie about a guy with a crush on Drew Barrymore that makes a website or something trying to get a date with her and succeeds. He records the whole thing on a camera he bought from Circuit City (and returned after the 30 days.) It looked pretty funny. I only caught a few minutes of it though. For a while I thought it was about a gay guy trying to get a date with Drew Carey :D.

I thinkt he movie may have inspired me to try something like that. I obviously wouldn’t be trying to get a date with anyone, but I might have to buy me a camera from 3C and make a movie about something (though here in Taiwan I’d have to film it in 7 days.)

I think it’s about time to turn off the blog now.

Casey = miltownkid’s offline name

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