Getting Things Done

This book is good enough to have a post dedicated to it. I’m only a little ways through Part 2, but I can already tell that this book was worth the buy. If you’re like me, and have been looking for a book that can help you “get organized” this is the best one I’ve gotten my hands on so far.

He gives real solutions to common problems and they work. That’s all that really needs to be said. My Gmail inbox is already totally organized (in a fashion that will keep it that way) and the area around my computer will soon follow, after that THE WORLD!!!

I think when I’m done implementing all of the GTD stuff, I’ll take pictures of my work area, snapshots of Gmail (and other online things I’m using), and point out where and how GTD made things more efficient.

If you’re in Taipei and want to get things done concerning buying books in English, don’t waste time going to the new Eslite near Taipei City Hall Station. Last Friday I had a choice of going there or Page One (I didn’t know it was 24/7 and I knew Page One closed at 10:00) and chose Eslite. They didn’t have one copy of the book (seems like a book that would be on hand at a large English book store.) Went to Page One the next day and they had it. About 6 copies.

Here’s the Amazon link: [Getting Things Done : The Art of Stress-Free Productivity]

Here’s a funny Review I found whilst surfing Amazon’s reviews:

In December of 2004, I joined a cult. No, it did not involve dressing in orange or waiting for Armageddon, and as far as I know a collective suicide is not yet planned. Yet, the degree in which a new modus operandi pervaded every aspect of my life, as apparently pervades the lives of others, was simply astonishing. (finish by clicking here)

Here’s the link to another book I heard about some time ago that I’d also like to get my hands on (anyone know anything about it?):[In Praise of Slowness]

I’ve gotten into the habit of reading Amazon reviews from the bottom up. You sort through a lot of crap, but eventually you find people that recommend books they liked better (that’s where the Slowness book got reminded from), or you get an honset review from a point of view other than Supreme Hypeness.

Nonthing else to report.


Fact: miltownkid has armbared every whitebelt at (including himself)

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