An Artsy Fartsy Weekend

I let Helen run things Saturday. We went and did what she said to do. It was her day. What happens when you let a girl take control of your day for a change? Artsy Fartsyness, that’s what (at least it was cool artsy fartsy.)

The Saturday began with breakfast. Just the usaul Taiwan style one. If you have no idea what that is, comment about it and I’ll make a post about the usual (mine is θ›‹ι€…, Chocolate Taoist, a sammich and a milk tea.) Afterwards, we made the hike up to Guandu Artsy Fartsy University.

It was nice going back to Gaundu (that’s up by Danshui.) It was my previous to Yonghe living grounds. I know the area semi-well, so making our way up the hill to the school was no problem. We ran into all kinds of cool artsy fartsyness. This Akira-like automobile being my favorite.

Cool Car

You can see the rest of the shots in the [Flickr Photoset (click this bitch right here)]

Our final destination was the art museum, which houses a cafe called “2nd Floor” (which suprising seemed to be on B2 at first, but view from another angle actually was the 2nd floor.) There we got to see some punk bands. First being… Remember the Meek I believe. This band was comprised of some foreigners. I enjoyed. The second band was “The Riot” which was equally if not more so enjoyed.

The Riot

Then it was back to the MRT to regroup at home. On the way back, I realized that we would be passing through the (WORLD FAMOUS) Shilin Night Market, so we hopped off and walked about. I decided to get me one of those Indian wrap things over by the Mr. Donut. Childern. Cover your eyes. The lamb wrap thingy is fan-fuckingtasmastamic! OK, look back now. I will be heading back that one for another soon… He’s the vendor guy doing the flippy dippy thing.

After doing the night market thing, we decided to get a copious amount of beer and drink (at home.) Then we got some more when we went dry (and drank some more.) Then Helen was like lets go out! And I was like…

Notice how sporty the bluetooth headset looks while drunk’ed. That ended the artsy fartsyness.

Moral of the Story: An Artsy Fartsy day can be a good day because you may end up drinking copious amounts of beer. πŸ˜€

Sunday I made it back to Jujitsu (after an almost 3 month hiatus) and tapped some people and got tapped. I submitted my wife like 7 times!!!! Go me!! She left shortly after that. πŸ™‚

Fact: miltownkid HAS beaten the Black Car on Ridge Racer.


BIG UPS TO [AsiaPundit] for posting about me! I have no idea who he/she is, but if she/he reads this blog, she/he must be quickly approaching the shit if not the shit already (maybe it’s a group of shits?) And thanks to Tesuo for pointing it out for me (YEAH! DAWG!)

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3 Responses to An Artsy Fartsy Weekend

  1. miltownmom says:

    Hey, watch the beer drinking. You know miltownmom doesn’t like you overdoing it. πŸ™‚

  2. miltownkid says:

    That may have been the last beer night for some time (I just may be able to squeeze one more in though.) I resign up for Jujitsu on Saturday and I’ll dropping the bottle while I prepare for combat (there’s a tournament in May.)

  3. baby says:

    Cheer! cheer! back to the JUJITSU. HAHAHAHAH~~~!

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