Since I’m Up…

Edit: Let me see if I can get some money with a Google Adsense link on this post 😀

I got Helen that job yesterday. Worked out just the way I planned. I might even already have someone lined up to fill the spot when she leaves.

I finally saw “The Life Aquatic.” My brother made a big deal of the movie. So did Helen. I thought it was great, but I don’t think I would hype it up to just anyone. I’m sure it’s not some people cup of tea. The movie has a bunch of quirky little scenes that are funny just because. Then it has a couple of kick ass gunning scenes plus a close up of the crazy eyes. Very nice.

When I returned “40 Year Old Virgin” to Blockbuster yesterday I picked up one of these:

It’s a model of a Betelnut Beauty. Very cool and very Taiwan.

My weekend officially starts today in my mind (no more afternoon work.) Had a field trip at the kindergarten this morning to the Fire and Earthquake Safty Building and got to do a bunch of fun activities like molest fire dummies:

I now have the login for the barter software and am going to spend a little time messing with it before I go to sleep.

Mr. Town

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6 Responses to Since I’m Up…

  1. miltownmom says:

    Does the beatlenut girl do anything but sit in the chair? Not much fun to play with if it doesn’t.

  2. miltownkid says:

    I’ve been getting into toys that don’t do anything but sit there. Don’t know if it’s a growing up thing or what. Every now and then I’ll take out my car toys for a sping around the house though :).

  3. Tetsuo says:


    You got teh reference. PEOPLE ARE WATCHING NOW.

  4. ROC_racer says:

    Very cool Bin-lan girl! (But overly dressed for the profession) Truly Taiwan. Will they come out with a beetle nut stained taxi cab too?

  5. Tetsuo says:

    OMFG boing boing now too

  6. Man I really want one of those! Can’t seem to find them anywhere here in Taoyuan. Where did you get it and how much?

    Have a look at my betelnut girl documentary trailer:

    Tobie Openshaw
    Bignose Productions

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