I’m Not a Businessman I’m a BUSINESS, MAN!!!

The line is from good ol’ [Kanye West’s] song Diamonds are Forever. I was going to link to his official page, but it seemed a little crap. Even worse than mine I’d say. Maybe I should offer him my services…

A couple funny/interesting things have fallen in my lap this and last week. I might have the chance to be a rapper for kids for a book somewhere. That’d be funny. A job that contacted me through [My語] might get passed off to Helen for the month she’s here. Then I’ll act as a semi-agent for them while Helen works there so they’ll have more time interviewing teachers. The job would be nice because it’s only a hop, skip and a jump away.

JOBNUMBER emailed, then Skyped me about something he wants to start doing. He wants to get into doing custom silk screening (on shirts and stuff.) Then charge people a bunch of money for artsy fartsy stuff. I may somehow be useful for that. He’d also like to find out about making designer vinyls, then design a line of collectables. Do I smell a series of Miltownkids collectables in the future? There is a scene for that here, so I’m actually looking forward to investigating it. It’s pretty big in Hong Kong I think. It’d be making stuff like this:

I also may get into the business of apartment brokering of sorts. Basically I’d be helping some Taiwanese folks I know find foreigners to rent their place out. Then act as a language middle man (if needed.) I even made some money from website hosting last week (then went on to spent half of it drinking… is that considered a tax write off?)

This morning I rocked out my teaching demo. Here’s one pic and clicking it will give you more. I think it went pretty good and should go well the day the parents come watch.

This isn’t the post I was talking about posting. I’ll post that one later. Want to stay current :).

I guess that about does it.

Fact: miltownkid once jumped off of a 3 story lifegaurd house onto the beach on Lake Michigan. He only limped for 3 months.

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