Catching Up

Helen landed Saturday morning. I went and got her, then Helen, I Ping and I all went to Jilong to get work done, have dinner and drink tea. Two Saturdays ago was my first time going to Jilong and if you don’t know about it, it’s a quick bus ride there (30 min.) and a pretty fun time (night market and busyness.)

Helen Cometh!

That night I went to a UFC party to watch the newest UFC availible with all the guys from []. That was really fun, I drank beers and made fun of the fighters. It was home for sleeping after that.

UFC Party

Sunday Helen and I went to Game Club and played a new game “Dos Rios.” The object of the game is controling 2 rivers, so they water the fields your people are on. It’s very fun because each player move can potentially change the entire board (the flow of the two rivers.) I won of course :D.

A Winning Grin

Monday was just work and me getting my house further organized. And now we’re back to today.

I forgot to mention my cool ass backpack. I took it out for a test run on Satruday and it passed with flying colors.

Fly ass backpack

That covers just about everything. Helen slept all day yesterday. That was pretty funny. I don’t think she ever moved from the couch.

That be all m.

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1 Response to Catching Up

  1. miltownmom says:

    If that be a NEW BACKPACK then Miltownmom wants her backpack back!!

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