Mandarin 4-Way

Imagine… You’re studying Chinese, surrounded by hotchicks. Constantly bathing in the glow of beauties analyzing a language that goes back 5000 years. Every young male Chinese student’s dream, right? WRONG!

I arrived a little late for the first half of class, but that went pretty smoothly. I stepped out to grab a bite to eat during the break, and when I came back I walked into a discussion about sun tanning or something. Cool, some new vocabulary. That turns into a disucssion about whiteness of skin, skin types, whitening creams, etc. etc. etc. etc. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! It went on for like 40 minutes. I did get to jump in and make a comment about how nice my skin looks. Then that turned into a discussion about how boys just use one bar of soap for everything and about how our teacher stopped using soap at 30 something (because of allergies or something) and now she uses tea leaves.

Actually, the class isn’t bad at all. It’s really fun. But it’s funny how quickly a discussion about anything can slide into something about make-up and beauty products (and regularly does.) Suppose if the class was mostly guys discussion would quickly slide into shagging, Xbox360, and [A-Team].

Helen lands early tomorrow, so I’ve been cleaning up the house, getting her room all setup. Not much else to report. Ah, one thing. I made an oral test sheet that I gave the kindergarten kids today. It was part me asking them questions and part reading. Most of the kids did very well, and the now I know exactly what to work on for the one that didn’t.

Looking P.I.M.P:

Me Looking Pimp

I think I look real “Hip Hop” in this shot. I don’t know if my mom remembers the story, but I had this Treasure Troll in a tuxedo when I was little (remember [Treasure Trolls]?) Anyhow, I cut his hair up all cool like. I was marching him around the house and let the phrase “Dude looks PIMPISH!” slip out (pimpish was an in word at the time.)

Mom wasn’t having none of that. “DO YOU KNOW A PIMP IS SOMEONE THAT SELLS WOMEN FOR MONEY?!?” I didn’t know what was going on at the time. I thought it was just a word to discribe some fly ass shit. It’s life lessons like this that make you tote a dictionary everywhere you go. The wrong word for the “right” reason might get you no cartoons for a week. Remember that.

(I don’t think I missed any cartoons, but I probably could have in the right/wrong house)

miltownkid – “If life is just a bowl of cherries, is death just a bowl of pits?”

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1 Response to Mandarin 4-Way

  1. miltownmom says:

    Sounds like you’ll have to start some discussions in class on more “exciting topics”. Say “Hi” to Helen for me. I ran into Gretchen and Peter Nuewald at the Outpost last weekend and they said Helen was trying to recruit Maggie to move to Taiwan to teach English. Looks like she decided to strike out on her own. Oh, and I forgot about the “pinmp” story, but hey, that’s a good one. Glad you remembered it.

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