LETS Taiwan!

This post is about the barter-trading. The guy from the company called me up yesterday and answered the rest of my questions. It looks like it’s going to be pretty sweet… Wait, should I briefly explain barter trading?

Here’s one site that did a pretty good job explaining it quickly I think. Click the picture for the site.

How Brater Trading Works

Basically people (you people) will be able to trade your skills and stuff for Barter Dollars. You can then use these barter dollars to buy stuff, or services from other members.

Now Daniel (the barter guy) told me I could setup the system so that I only charge businesses a member fee and a commission on trading, and let regular folk (like you and I) join for free and trade for free. The system will allow for both. That was something I was a little worried about. I didn’t want to charge regular members anything.

Also, people will be able to make trades with other barter groups, example: You go to Australia and use barter dollars to stay in a hotel there (because they have groups there.) It’d all be under the same umbrella, so to speak. It should be all set and ready to go by next week. People will be able to sign up and go to town with trading :D. I’m a little excited about that.

I’m thinking about calling it LETS Taiwan. If you come up with something better in the next few hours, do post.

Today I went over to Frost’s house and saw his new computer. He has a PC in a Mac case with a bunch of extra fans and lights. It was pretty neat. Then I went over to Sogo to look at laptop bags. I looked for a really long time at a lot of different brands and ended up getting a Jansport, because I remember my mom buying one at a rummage sale and trading it in for a new one once (I think :).) I’ll get a picture up of it maybe tomorrow, I’ll find a weblink or something.

Let’s about it for today.

Namahottie gets today’s picture. Plus she left about a billion comments on my flickr (that was fun to read, thanks)


That reminds me. Happybirthdaybitch.com got updated for a special someone šŸ˜€

That B all for now.


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2 Responses to LETS Taiwan!

  1. miltownmom says:

    The LETS project sounds interesting. I hope it is successful. Let’s see, I could trade math tutoring!

  2. baby says:

    I like the map and idea. I am good in Marketing, so I can trade business marketing plan.

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