Another Friend Visits

Or should I say will be visiting.  Me friend Helen (while writing I remembered that I haven’t uploaded my pictures yet.  I’m gonna do that now.)  OK, installing the canon software.  I can pull the photos off without the software, but the Canon software does a really nice job sorting everything in to folders by date that the picture was taken.

Back the the friend story…  So Helen’s coming.  Bringing her up reminded me of pictures I still haven’t taken off of my camera since coming back home from home (US home.)  Anyhoo, she’ll be here Saturday morning.  That’ll be nice.

I got some Chinese studying done outside of class today for the first time since starting two weeks ago.  I need to keep up the trend because the book is a tad more advanced than I (just the way I like it.)

For mom, yes, I am working in the afternoons again.  After work today I went to Jujitsu with I Ping, but didn’t practice (because of a hurt foot.)  I found it a little hard to just watch when it got to sparring time, so I’m suiting up tomorrow (hurt foot or not, I already gave it a week off.)  I will take it easy though.

Stupid Windows and needing to restart after installing something.  Score one for Linux.  It’s a little late tonight, so I probably won’t do all the uploading to flickr right now, but it should be done tomorrow (and I’ll post about it I’m sure.)

I like including pictures in my posts, so here’s one from home I like.  It’s me, me buddy Superman, Bruce Lee Chucks and the birth of my beard:

Me and Superman

Clicking the picture will take you to the flickr.  I should also post about WordPress version 2.0 some day (wordpress is the software I’m using for my blog, your actually looking at it right now.)  They’ve done a really nice job with the GUI (for administration and stuff.)  It’s looking very professional now.  I upgraded to 2.0 when I did my moving around and stuff.


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2 Responses to Another Friend Visits

  1. miltownkid says:

    Before someone else says it, yes, that picture looks a little “Broke Back.” 😀

  2. miltownmom says:

    You didn’t post for a couple of days–I like to keep up with you. Thanks for posting.

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