Let’s See…

A quick update from the last couple of days…

Friday I met up with Paul for coffee.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him so that was nice.  We did a lot of catching up, then we discussed project Teacher Takeover.  I’m not sure if I’m at liberty to discuss it yet, so I just made up a silly name for the project.  More to come on that later I’m sure.

Saturday Elliot, I Ping and I took a bus out to Jilong.  That’s a pretty happening place.  We walked through the night market there, had lunch, then went to a tea house to hang out.  I snapped a few pics, and will try to upload them to the Flickr soon.  After Jilong we went to KTV so I Ping could play match maker with one of my friends and one of hers.  At KTV (Cashbox) we found out there’s a 80NT charge per can/bottle for bringing in your own drink.  We’ll be more careful next time.

Today I just lounged around the house playing Knights of the Old Republic, then jetted off to Costco to get a beard trimmer.  The ones I got sucked (the only one they had, Conair :P) and I’ll be taking them back.  I ended up using my old pair of clippers to clean things up.

It looks like the Barter-Exchange thing I want to get setup is going to take shape.  The company I’m working with emailed me today with instructions on how to setup the system.  I’ll talk more about Barter-Exchanges in a later post.  Nothing to exciting to report.

Here’s what I look like now:

Me with beard

Shot with my K608i


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1 Response to Let’s See…

  1. James Lick says:

    The way we usually do it is bring it in in a backpack or my wife’s huge purse, order a couple of things from the KTV service, and then put our own drinks under the table. When the staff come by they just see a few drinks on the table but since we ordered something they don’t know that most of it was what we brough in ourselves.

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