Jobs Find Me + Language Center Reviews

I’m still messing about with my schedule. Currently I’m at work from 8-11, then Chinese class from 11:30-1:30. I was thinking about finding some work from 3ish to 5ish if possible, when my current evening school decides to throw a bunch (9) of hours at me for the week. In the past they would give me 4-8 hours a week, but now (after telling them I was going to find something else) they give me a solid 9 for every week. I’m probably still going to keep looking, but that’ll do for now.

That’s new news. I signed up for classes at TLI for 3 months (paid today.) I went all week last week and now I can say from experience that TLI is a good school that takes teaching seriously. I think I’d even rank TLI as the overall best language school of the three I’ve tried, the other two being Shida and Mandarin Daily News.

The reasons I’d rank it the best have little to do with teaching (though I suppose that’s important as well.) TLI was the easiest of the three as far as applying goes and has a very flexible schedule of classes (though dependant of number of students availible.) The only problem I can see with TLI is that the number of “high level” students availible for classes is low, so that made it a little hard for me to find a class that fit. I believe their the cheapest of the three as well (definitely cheaper than Shida.) I do plan on eventually going to Shida though for higher level classes.

One other little adventure I forgot to mention is I played hookie from school on Wednesday to be in a commercial. I made in two hours what would take me two days (at my morning school) playing basketball on camera. That was fun. One strange thing about it was while we were playing the director kept telling everyone to smile (big cheesy smile), so I did. After we finished I asked him what the commercial was for, and he said “false-teeth.” Another funny thing was while taking a shoot of all of us together (with our cheesy smile) someone said “The black dude farted and it stinks.” lol 😀

OK, that’s more than enough for now.


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1 Response to Jobs Find Me + Language Center Reviews

  1. namahottie says:

    Keep us posted on what goes on in TLI. And if they have evening classes.

    Also, it sounds like you did a commerical for Darlie toothpaste:)

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