Throwing Safety to the Wind

So up until today I’ve been pretty good about driving. Always wearing proper shoes, wearing my good helmet, telling myself I’d bus or taxi in the rain. Well today it rained and all that thinking went to hell.

Good helmet got all wet so I wore my 100NT one, ditched the shoes for scootin’ sandals, figured I’d brave the rain without any kind of rain coat or anything.

Today’s scooting around was fine until right near the end. It was like God let me test out the different levels of rain today. The light drizzle, gray sky, and full out down pour. I got to taste that one within 3 blocks of my house and learned that that’s not one to mess with. Visibility went down to like 10% (the glasses didn’t help). I’ll be doing something to correct that rain driving situation soon.

I’m writing this late, so I won’t talk about much. The Deuce thing went good. Got to dance and strip in front of a bunch of news cameras. Didn’t get any special pictures of me, but I go a shot of what the window I was dancing in looked like. [See the flickr] (which is down at the moment :P).

On that note, I think I should take myself down for a moment.

Nighty night.


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