Go Speed Racer GO!!!

Well, not quite. But I will say it didn’t take me long to drop that cruising along stuff. I don’t weave in and out of traffic like some people do, but I’m not always at the back of the pack anymore. It still feels pretty safe, but I’m sure I’ll see (or feel) something one day. I’ll just always be super vigilant not to. There are also a lot of dickweed drivers out there. I’m not talking about the ones that break rules (running reds and stuff) either. I’m just talking about people who lack driving skill. They’re on scooters and in the car, but ah well.

For those of you who drive a scooter it probably isn’t much of a surprise (because you’ve probably seen one already), but here’s a picture of a wheel chair scooter. I thought i was pretty cool. I whipped out the camera really quick at a light and snapped a picture yesterday.

Wheel Chair Scooter
[Click Image to go to Flickr]

Wow, so many things. I need to update everyday. I just developed a new technique to make sure I update everyday (or help anyway). I took Forumosa.com out of my list of Tabs that open automatically when I start Firefox. That way I’ll do my logging and email stuff first (well, I always do email first).

I got my first paying gig as an agent (well, an agent that finds English teachers) yesterday. If this materializes it could be the official start to a new business of sorts. I’m really surprised at what a school is willing to pay for the service (especially since so many agents do such a bad job). I won’t say what I’m charging, but I will say that the high end of what agents charge is 30-40,000NT (I’ve heard this from schools and agents, so I know it’s true). If I could place one person at 40,000NT a month, I’d be making more than I did in my morning job lol >..< 😀 There will be some photos of that to follow. Here are some I took when I went to the BVI office.

At the BVI Office
[Click Image to go to Flickr]

Jujitsu was good today. There was a Japanese guy there with a cool Japanese phone. I should have took a close-up of it. Those pics will be on the Flickr too.

Uh… Today I’m going swimming and afterward Jefferson and I will peep the Cat Cafe. I think that’s enough for today.

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