Friendship Friendship!

That is a random title for those MK (Mortal Combat) fans out there.

Man, a lot has gone down since I last left you. If you’re like me and don’t like reading too much, you can go straight to the Flickr (see the link on the right) fer some pictures of last night’s Happy Hour (which was indeed very happy as the pictures will show).

Yesterday I had to do some things straight after my morning job. What were those things? Well I had to open a bank account and go do my driving test for a license. The bank account opening went very smoothly (I have all the IDs, chops and whatnot). Scooting there and back mad the whole thing a little more enjoyable. Then I stopped at the Crib o’ and took a rest.

After I felt fresh and ready to go I jumped on the bike and made my way to the testing center. That place was a little hard to find (the address was clear, but I drove right past it the first time). When I rolled in, I found out I was too late. It’ll have to be next week then.

Then it was back home, and to the store for name tags. Then off to the HH.

(I’m getting tired of typing, I’ll try to wrap this up. Talking to robonutz right now via Skype)

The Happy Hour was good. The beer was cheap. I had a few. People laughed. Yeah. Uh… See the pictures on Flickr. If you have some questions or something ask…

I did get my groove on up on the bar briefly (that was fun). I also heard from a Forumosan that there might be a club that welcomes my kind (B-Boys). Then I could do more groove-getting-oning.

In the morning I led a C Walking class for my kindy. Then had a long day of work. Now it’s about time to get to sleep.

Oh, and a shout out to Frost for helping me practice that 7 second line thing for the scooter test. I’m sure I’ll have no trouble passing it now (even though he’s failed like 5 times >.<)

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