A Day Out Driving

So I had my first real road adventure today to and work back. I’d like to start off by saying I don’t think scooter driving is as dangerous as some people make it out to be. I know it’s only been my first day out and I’m sure I’ll have run ins with something some time down the line, but people I’ve ridden with drive WAY TOO FAST.

On my way to my afternoon job, the roads were clear and it was daytime, so I cruised most of the way between 50 and 60 (down that street next to the river between Yonghe and Banqiao for those of you in the know). Visibility was good, traffic was sparse, a nice ride.

Coming back…

It was night, very crowded and visibility was ASS (well, not so good). I drove most of the way around 40 (down the same road). I’ve ridden my bike around quite a bit and I feel safer on a scooter. If your speed is sensible and you’re focused on driving, seems like it should be OK. We’ll see how long it takes for my first “fender bender”. I’m betting it’ll be someone hitting me from behind.

The scooter did change my 1+ hour commute into a 25-30 min. one. I’ll probably still take the bus and MRT on bad weather days.

I’m really getting into this Flickr.com thing now. It’s really nicely laid out. I think I’ll be going Pro soon. That’s what I’m going to use for managing of photos. I wasn’t interested in it at first because I was worried about them being some kind of flash in the pan, but it looks as if they’re here to stay. If you haven’t checked out Flickr yet and you’re looking for a good way to present your photos online, check’m out (link to Flickr.com).

Now that I have the 2 jobs things going on, my interest in divestment and simple living has been sparked again. I’m already working on getting a copy of “Your Money or Your Life” and other books like that, but if you have any tips and tricks, feel free to let me know.

I should start keeping this updated regularly again now that I know I won’t be doing the “big switch” right away. One thing I’ve been getting good at is cutting back my computing time. Now I won’t just idly waste away in front of the computer playing Mine Sweeper and listening to a random MP3 on repeat. I’ll go read a book or something. Cutting away TV time too. Saving that for watching the many DVDs I’ve collected in my time here (does everyone go 99NT DVD crazy when they first arrive?)

Well that was a pretty good ramble for today. Let’s hope I get my license tomorrow (passed the online test 4 times in a row with a score of 100 so that won’t be a problem, but I best get some practice in for the driving part).

Hopefully tomorrow will bring “good news”


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