Been MIA for a while. Just been real busy with life stuffs I suppose and have neglected the blog. Finally got the “What’s going on?” email from mom, so I know it’s been at least a week.

Well, I got a few stories I suppose. I’ll start with work first…

So now I’m working 2 jobs (teaching English). My same morning job and now an afternoon job at the place I was “subbing” at over the summer. Having 2 jobs put me in an interesting position though (well, to me anyway). When I was discussing pay at my afternoon place, I just went for higher pay (since I didn’t really want to work there at the time) and they gave it to me with almost no haggling (shoulda went higher >.< ).

Then, after being happy with the pay increase I wasn’t happy with what I was getting in the morning and went for more there as well since I had the security of the afternoon (that was a little more of a battle) and got it. Adding them both together equals another about 4,500NT/month to line my pockets with. I don’t think I did too bad for my first time trying that whole “gimme a raise bitches!” thing.

I really need to get moving on this whole web redesign thing. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t updated. I guess I’ll put the web design thing to the side for now and be sure to stay a little more regular with my blogging. I’ve decided that I’m going to use flickr to manage my pictures. They do some cool stuff over there and I’d rather pay them than mess around installing my own software. You can see my stream at the bottom of the post.

I plan on getting some more things up there soon.

I got a scooter now. That’s new news. Haven’t driven it yet, but I’m sure I will soon. Also went ahead and got a new PDA (I couldn’t stand the dying screen of my 3 year old Tungsten T anymore). I wanted to get some new hotness, but went for the Tungsten E2 instead (actually, it is pretty hot). I was very pleased with how the upgrade from one to the other went. It moved just about everything over and everything seems to be working fine. The new OS is nice as well (well, new version I guess).

I think I wrote about buying a new notebook maybe the last time I posted. Well, that notebook has been getting heavy use. Besides just the usual to-do list, I’ve also been writing down thoughts, feelings (:P) and random things in it. I’ve also been keeping things sorted by date. I’d go so far as to say I keep a diary now :O.

I’ve still been taking photos like a mad man. I got one today of this big ass cat at a tea place who’s slogan is (roughly from Chinese) “Drink tea, eat food, play with cats.” I’ll have to stop by one day and have tea, eat food and play with cats. Me and “the man” photoed also went for a swim today in a nice little pool in Yonghe. Speaking of Yonghe, I will be the king of it one day so make note.

I guess the start of the semester and being at 2 schools (one of them new) made me busier than I like to be. I’m also still regularly attending Jujitsu, so, you know.

I guess that’s about it for now.


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1 Response to MIA

  1. miltownmom says:

    It’s about time you updated your blog. Miltownmom misses that regular connection.

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