Battle of the CMSes

Before I get to my technical showdown here the update since I last posted. The last post was from a Thursday. I’m pretty sure nothing too noteworthy happened on Friday (just work I’m sure). Saturday was fun though.

Saturday morning should have been spent cleaning my room, but I just bopped around on the Net, watched some TV, watched a movie (Training Day) and chilled. I did go out to the stationary store to get a business card holder and a new notebook (I filled my old Doreaman one up). I tried a spiral less notebook this time ’round. Saturday was to be the first day of the “Weekly Brainstorming Sessions” (name change coming) and I had 1 person turn up (oh yeah!) We drank some beer and brainstormed a bit.

Then later on in the Evening, Ax (his blog is here) showed up (visiting for a week from Japan) and we got a pizza and… talked some more I think. We talked at the Pizza Hut and talked at home. Probably mostly about language stuff since Ax was with us. Then later on me wife got back and Ax went to pick up his girlfriend from the MRT station (they were on separate planes) and when they got back I threw in a Miyazaki movie and passed out (I think everyone else finished it though).

Sunday we did Game Club up on Maokong. I learned how to play Up and Down the River (that’s a nice game), then we played on of the longest games of Settlers ever. It was a pretty good game with lots of surprises and changes of “power” near the end (a lot of them brought on by me :D). The highlight of my day was cutting Bu Lai En’s road in half with a knight right when he was set to win (MWA AH AH!) That probably makes no sense to most of you. I posted one picture of the view up (clicky). Now on to the CMS (Content Management System) battle.

So I’ve been contemplating how I want to do my new miltownkid site and going through the CMSes that may or may not do the things I want to do. I’d also like everything to integrate nicely for the end user, make things real smooth.

The things I want to have on the new site are:
Make static pages

  • my blog
  • a moblog
  • a photoblog
  • a gallery
  • possibly a forum (maybe later, yeah one all about me baby me :D)
  • I also want everything to be really organized and searchable

The software I was looking at to get the job done was:

Anyway, I had this “big” project on my hands of installing all this software, making it work nice together and then trying to make it pleasant for the user coming to my site to go through it all (it’s all about you baby ;)). I also want it all to look good.

Well, now I stumbled upon this little piece of work right here (Expression Engine). It’s not Open Source (so not free), but it looks like it does everything I want to do and some. Plus it’s all built into one piece of software (so there’s only one thing to install and maintain).

I figure other bloggers and potential bloggers must read this sometimes, so I thought I’d give a quick breakdown of what’s going on in my head. I’m pretty much sold on it (EE) already, but I still have to play with the demo some more and do a test install.

OK, this post’s long enough.


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3 Responses to Battle of the CMSes

  1. miltownmom says:

    Watch the beer. Hope you’re not elevating too much. Sounds like a lot going on in the noggin.

  2. miltownkid says:

    Yes, things are a little cluttered upstairs with me working “full time”. Should be smoothed out in a week or two.

  3. Clark says:

    You might check out

    It runs on Moveabletype.

    Maybe you could write your own system in Ruby?

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