A Little Bit of Zhongwen

今天我去過 FarEastone 看看他們3G月費是怎麼樣. 那邊的小姐有跟我說”外國人不行買3G的plan”. 這是我第一次有一點生氣聽到這種的話. 我跟他說”好,沒關係. 我還要知道你們的月費是怎麼樣”. 他講完的時候我就走了. 我今天發生我的中文不夠好. 如果我會講的好一點我就可以罵他一頓. 我最近是一個不好的五學生. 從今天開始我會認真得讀中文. 以前我想聽得董, 認識一些字, 講得OK就夠. 現在我知道我應該會念,講,聽和寫.

OK, enough of the Zhongwen (for you non Zhongweners, Zhongwen is pinyin for Chinese). If you can’t read it, tought banana’s. Maybe babble or google translation will sort it out. A summary is, I went to check on 3G plans today, was told I couldn’t buy one because I was a foreigner, it irked me a bit and now I want to start studying again (learn some cus words this time round).

My buddy robonutz picked up a 3G Windows mobile powered cellphone and was rockin Skype on it this morning. It was working really slicky (<-well) too. It inspired me to check on the 3G situation here. I’m going to get my laptop sorted out first, but I think I’ll be picking up a 3G phone quickly after and use it in combination with the laptop. I did find out (even though they pissed me off a tad) that you can get a data card for unlimited 3G browsing from Fetnet for 735/month (that’s under 30US). My prodiver doesn’t have their rates sorted out yet, but if I were to buy a phone now I’d get to surf unlimited style until the end of October.

Looking forward to the end of this month (I hate looking forward, I think it makes me edgy). I like the new job, but it’s too far away for my liking. I’ll be back over at Zhulin on the 30th (yay).

Okie Dokie


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4 Responses to A Little Bit of Zhongwen

  1. miltownmom says:

    What is 3G? I’m technologically illiterate.

  2. miltownkid says:

    3G is just a fancy name for the new highspeed Internet thing using cellphone technology (or something like that). It’s what allows people to make the video calls on cell phones now, watch TV via the cellphone, or surf the net (highspeed). I want to use it with my (soon to be bought) laptop.

  3. Anonymous says:

    what the f**K, you couldn’t get 3G because you are a foreigner?
    Tell them you know some gangsters who will pay them a visit.

  4. miltownkid says:

    The customer service people always say stuff like that. I got the same thing from the PHS people. They say “Taiwwanese and Japanese can get phones, but foreigners can’t.” I was like “Japanese ARE foreigners!” Then I sent an email to the head office and they told me I could get a PHS phone if I wanted one. Haven’t email Fetnet yet, don’t know if I will.

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