Just another day

Today breezed right by. It’s like it didn’t even happen (well, not quite). I woke up later than usual, then boogied off to work. Worked, boogied home and goofed about. Not much worth talking about.

I am looking forward to this summer “vacation” to finish :). I think I’ll read Frost and Adoaman’s blog before I slumber. If I get up early, there’s a Judo tournament I could go to so I’ll be sleeping soon.

Of the two days I’ve had the photoblog on emkid.net I haven’t missed a day. I think I’ll be getting the blog moved over there sooner instead of later.


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2 Responses to Just another day

  1. Frostfox says:

    Oh you provide a link to your new site, but me and Adoa are left with nothing. Sup with that?!

  2. miltownkid says:

    Cause this is my fucking site, that’s why! MWA AH AH AH AH!!!

    links updated

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