Back From Green Island

Just got in from Green Island last night. Spent the night going through old emails and stuffs. I won’t say much about the trip just now, I’ll wait till I get all the pictures uploaded and stuff first, but I will say that after avoiding scooters for the last 3 years (because I knew I’d want one if I ever had the chance to really use one) the Green Island trip has made me want a scooter.

On Green Island you go everywhere by scooter. You scoot to the hotsprings, then you scoot to some scenic view, then you scoot to snorkling. I think I enjoyed scooting around just as much as everything else. Taiwan must be full of places to scoot to, and I think I might have to get on some scootin’ acion.


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1 Response to Back From Green Island

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you find Griggs and Kev?

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