Secret Agent Man

You know I live a life of danger
For the Taiwanese
Keeping tabs on the nation
On the land, in the sky, on the seas
But every single night
Before I go to bed
I get down on my knees
And thank god
I’m a secret agent man
* secret agent man
Secret agent man
They’ve given me a number
But they’ve taken ’way my name
I got one hell of a job to perform
For the R. O. C.
Got the responsibility
Of this nation’s top security
But every night and day
I salute the flag and say
Thank you Sun Yat-San
Cause i’m, I’m a secret agent man
( * repeat)

You know they got me doin’ this
Doin’ that
And a little bit of something else
Fighting cavities of evil
Safe-guarding Taiwanese wealth
But not an afternoon pass
I don’t get up off my ass
Thank you god
Cause i’m, I’m a secret agent man
( * repeat 2 times)

Cause I’m a secret agent man

So I’ve been trying my hand at being a agent (sort of). The school I’m working at needed (needs) about 4 new teachers, so I stepped up to the plate to take a swing at doing the teacher finding thing. I think I did the same thing most agents do (post an ad online somewhere and wait for teachers to contact them).

Today was the first day we had teachers come to do demos and I think it went really well. I did find out that keeping track of everything isn’t the easiest thing to do (when you haven’t done it before). Keeping everyone up-to-date on everything and setting up times for demos could have gotten messy if I didn’t keep good tabs on everything (and there has been times in the past where even I “miltown the great” didn’t do such a good job “keeping tabs”).

From the way this went I think I may try my hand at doing this thing more permanently. The school was very open with how much other places have charged for the same service, and I would have been (maybe will be) more than happy to be the one to lighten their monetary load.

This weekend I had a good time out and about with the Coolio happenings (link to a post on, there’s a link to a movie I shot in the post) and the KTV thing style (link to the KTV thread). Pictures and stuff are coming, just not today. This is my last week of the semester, next week I’ll have even more free time then I do now so plan on getting my photo gallery setup (then all these pictures and movies I keep talking about will come).


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