What’s this button do?


Today, while trying to get Chinese input to work in Linux, I installed something that removed a bunch of files and made Linux unusable.

No big deal, all my files are still there. I find out I can safely install over it, I just have to check an option that says “don’t format (delete) my stuff”. Checked and good to go (or am I…) After rebooting I find that none of my stuff is there. WTF?!? Ah! 😦 I realized that even though it didn’t delete my stuff, I had the system files install onto the old home directory (my files).

Oh pooh. Well, now I’m all set back up and THE FIRST thing I did was get a system for backing up setup. I used this guide (link) to set things up and all went peachy.

Sometimes learning the hard way is the only way, or the best way, or something.

A Typhoon’s coming tomorrow or Monday. I might try to get some pictures of that. High on my list of things to do is get all these pictures sorted out and post for all to see.

Reminds me, I went to Snake Alley with Frost yesterday and took a bunch of pictures, some were pretty cool.

Okie Dokie Smokie

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