Tying Up 1,000 Loose Ends

I’m sure everyone feels like this sometimes (not too often though I hope). I had a big push to finish up a lot of things I started that lasted a long time, but most of those things went right to the edge of completion.

Instead of list a bunch of reasons as to why they didn’t get done (which might feel nice), I’m going to make a list of those things and get crackin’ on finishing them up.

Writing my blog just made me remember I haven’t had my weekly Sunday sit down love session with my notebook (pen and paper one). That love session consists of my listing the things I want to get done and crossing off things from the week before. I’ve just realized how important those sessions are to me, not having them makes me feel off. I’ll be sure to have one this weekend and pack my notebook for the trip coming up at the end of the month.

Before I list the things I haven’t done, here’s something I have. Although not “100%” it’s looking really good I think: www.tawainbjj.org. If you click the about link on the bottom of that site you’ll get some information about the uh…

Things to get done:

  • Put the FINAL touches on my “office”, that means buying a few more items for organization.
  • Finish up organizing my Rec. Room.
  • Make my mom’s website look a lot prettier and teach her how to manage it.
  • Work with Ax on his website.
  • Totally redo my personal website.
  • Finish up all the sites I have.
  • Get a photo gallery and organize my picture (digital and non).
  • There are some things I want to do about my hosting situation that shouldn’t wait.
  • Clean off my wall of Post-It notes.

There, I think you get the picture. I’m going to get started on these things right NOW!

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