Batman Begins

I was gonna title it miltown begins or something cheesy like that, but decided not to (I thought telling about would be good enough). Just got back from the theater and I’m very pleased. This movie was done proper and things in it that makes me a Batman fan.

Most importantly was the “realism”. I know Batman’s a comic character and all, but one of the reasons I like him is because it’s something I can still dream about being. I mean, I can dream about flying around like Superman, or slashing people up Wolverine style, but when it comes to planning ways to make that dream a reality, things get shut down rather quickly.

Batman on the other hand makes you think of gadgets and high tech ways to do the things he does. Sort of like 007.

I’m REALLY enjoying Linux. A couple of days ago I got my palm to sync with some of the built in PIM (Personal Information Management, I think) software. Now I’m actually using he calender and contact manager on my Palm. In the almost 3 year I’ve had it I’ve almost never used those 2 features (features that some people use quite a bit). I think the problem is I never used the PC software Palm provided, and never wanted to use Outlook (event thought I hear it’s really cool).

I’ve also been remotely logging in and out of my computers, playing with new software and ALL that. I LOVE the terminal window. I feel at home again (I alway loved DOS). Linux is a good thing. I feel much more at home with it. I will admit that I’ve recently learned how to pimp out Windows with free software and opensource stuff pretty good, but I can easily see that Linux kicks Windows squarely in the balls and stomps on it a few times in that department. After I find the software I’m looking for and tweak things out just right… man.

I mean, it’s so cool that you can boot off of a live CD and be running a website, on Skype, surfing the net, etc.. Well, yeah. I’m liking it a lot.

Let’s do a few pictures:

And You Thought Me and JOBNUMBER Took Tekken Seriously

Serious Gaming

This is why I can’t play at the arcades. If you give someone a Tekken ass kicking like I’d give JOBNUMBER back in the day, a cap very well could get busted directly into that ass. Frost almost got this way with me, but I choked him out real quick with my newly acquired Jujitsu skills.

Here are some more pieces that were around the “The Magic”

More Tagging

More Tagging

I know yall was liking that, so why not some more?

I should have a pic of “The Living Room #2” (aka the pr0n locker) to put up tomorrow if things go according to plan (and “I love it when a plan comes together”).

Now it’s right up into my bedding hour.

It is written that miltownkid was raised by a pack of wild cyber ninjas…

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