Bling Bling

I don’t know if anyone knows who “The Frame” is, but this post is dedicated to him (well a picture is anyway).

I decided that I’m going to have pictures with these every day posts. Man, I’m enjoying that “had just the right number of beers” feeling right now (I know my mom is happy about that). I had a few beers at a semi-business meeting, and I thought it’d be perfect to end the day with a Heineken and a game of Strikers 1945 at the local gangster gambling place. My thought was correct.

Today I continued my quest for a clean house. I think for the next few days (or even the next week or so) I’ll be putting a lot of time into getting my pad organized. It feels really good having my “office” in order and I plan on doing the same to the rest of the house. As soon as I’m done getting my off-line life in order I’ll be working on my two main sites ( and Big changes are in the wind.

I’m getting back on my Chinese studying track. One of the things I’ve done is work out a language exchange with my co-teacher. I’m thinking it should work out pretty good because my school is so close to my house and I get to practice at school all the time anyway. She’ll also be teaching me some Taiwanese. Hope that goes good.

Beer good. I was going to write something really cool, but the beer fixed that. Now you get this sentence.

Uh… Maybe I should just post the pictures. Oh yeah. If anyone that reads this is interested in having a website hosted let me know. I don’t have an official page up yet, but I’ll be doing web hosting and I’m looking for people that would want to test my service while it’s in it’s “beta” state. I think I’m going to give people “50%” off. You’ll hear more about that later.

Let’s do the pictures.


2005 06 15

I got to witness “art” being made. It was very interesting. That whole thing got thrown up in a couple hours+a few beers. I also have some pics of before, during and after, but I don’t think it’d be a good idea to put those up.

Show me your angry face

2005 06 15

I think the title says it all. I took this this week while we were studying the high karate art of emotions. “I am angry!”

Put some BLING on it

2005 06 15

This is the picture dedicated to “The Frame”. One day I might tell the story of how I met The Frame. It’s interesting… The day I met The Frame I had some beer (a lot) in me and now I’m posting about The Frame with beer in me. There must be something magical about The Frame, Bling and beer. I have one out of ten. Will I be able to collect all the Bling?

*Note: I took a few pictures of the bling, but went with the one with he brightest flash because I felt it delivered the most bling for the buck*

The guest room

2005 06 15

2005 06 15

I noticed my finger in the pic after I sat down at the PC. Was to lazy to take another.

I’m going to try to post a clean room everyday or so for the next few days. Here’s the stuff I moved on Monday all setup. Any of you Miltown buds that want to come crash in Taiwan, this is where you’ll get put up. If I can find a TV stand tomorrow, I’ll post a pic of the Living Room Part 2 (my personal gaming center).

Uh, I think that about do’s it.

I’m doing this post in Windows. I really like that Google bought program Picasa for sorting out my pictures. Sometime later this month I’m going to do a full system reinstall and have a small Windows partition that only has a few programs that I like. Eventually I’ll probably fully Linux, but there’s no hurry. I bought my copy of Windows. I should enjoy it.

Check back tomorrow for more pictures and more good times. I have a lot of pictures in the backlog.

till next time


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8 Responses to Bling Bling

  1. JOBNUMBER says:

    Dude, your guest room looks like a Chinese Police jail cell and interrogation room.

  2. Logout says:

    That shit looks like DT. If I come through must I keep 45 degree angle folds at the corners of the bed?

  3. Fobulaos says:

    word… shit looks like jail… fo sho… the secret is to make sure everyone knows your TOUGH when you first get in the joint… after that time there will be spent much easier…

  4. miltownkid says:

    Ha! After reading this comments I’ll try to liven things up a bit in there. I don’t think the room’ll get much use unless someone comes over soon (or it gets rented out).

    Maybe I’ll style it up a bit and put up an after picture.

  5. dave says:

    I’ve seen that graffiti before. Nice work, to whoever did that. I even took a picture of it myself.

  6. christopher B says:

    The Frame!, hahaha thats a blingin blast from the past.

  7. miltownmom says:

    What happened to the futon bed in your study? That single bed looks kind of, well, singe. Go easy on the beers. Oh, and Chris sent me a card that said “Awsome” about your game.

  8. miltownkid says:

    Cool. You mean the Squabble? There will be a site for that coming up soon. The futon is going into Living Room #2, so all is well. Marc said he ran into The Frame a little bit ago (maybe a week). Maybe I should give him a call…

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