Van the Man

This is Van

A student from my school.

He is The Man

A student from my school.

He Draws Frogmobiles like no one can

A pictures of frog cars that Vincent drew.

You may or may not remember Vincent from the I didn’t teach him that post some months back. Vincent (as usual) has been drawing all kinds of stuff. I liked the frogmobiles and thought they should be shared.

For some reason I’ve given all the boys in my class nicknames. It all happened one day when I called Eric “Rico Suave”, then they’re all going “Me too! Me too!”. Vincent got Van the Man as in Vincent Van “The Man” Gogh.

I was reminded of these frogmobiles because another artistically inclined student in one of the classes I’m subbing for drew this (the Chinese there says I’m bald, of the shaved head variety):

Hand drawn picture of me.

Anyone who’s seen me would know that’s a pretty good representation. Those afternoon classes are going good. I like all the kids, it’s just been draining since I still want to do all the computing I normally do when I’m only working 3 hours a day (now it’s up to 9+ around 2 hours travel time :P).

While looking for the Daoist (Taoist) section of PageOne (a bookstore like Barnes and Nobles) I saw this little beauty:

A picture of a book about Jesus from the Complete Idiot's series.

I’ve thought of a lot of comments I could make about it, but I’ll just leave that up to the reader. I will say that throwing Jesus’ name on that series of book seemed kind of strange (but maybe it’s just me).

I’ve been doing the Jujitsu with Andy for about two weeks now and really like it. I can feel my flexibility coming back.

One more week to go and I’m back to my usual schedule (so my posts will be more regular).

miltownkid in a jar with the lid
on top, breakdancing with that nigga called Sid.
A picture of Dr. Sid from the Final Fantasy movie.
(bandwidth stolen from

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3 Responses to Van the Man

  1. ADOA says:

    Lao Tou means old man not bald man. 🙂

  2. miltownkid says:

    Oh shit, I thought it said Guang Tou. I’m an old man 😦

  3. miltownmom says:

    Liked the pics. Especially the frog mobiles. Make sure you don’t crush his creative spirit.

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