Nixing Windows

Ah, back to posting. I think I got some stuff to talk about today. First off, yesterday was payday. Not usually a noteworthy event, but this month I had my eyeballs on a few new books. I stomped over to Taipei’s largest English computer book store and ended up getting 3.

I’ll just briefly talk about one of the three today “Setting up LAMP”. This book basically walks a person through setting up a Linux machine to work with Apache (software the powers websites), MySQL (database software) and PHP (like HTML but does cool things). I’m about 60% through the book and so far it gets two big thumbs up.

The more I use Linux the more I want to make “the switch”. I anticipate a “full” switch over in about 3-4 months. By “full” I mean the PC I use day to day will be a Linux machine and my Windows machine will be for doing… Maybe nothing :).

Now on to my reactions to that article from a few days ago.

Computers, technology (little earthquake just now, why couldn’t my computer tell this was coming :P). Well here comes the random thoughts. First off, conscienceless. What is it? How is it measured? Maybe there’s an answer and I just don’t know about it, but I have a feeling that computers/technology/machinery have already reached a level of consciousness that most people aren’t aware of. It’s real easy to think to yourself “I’m in control, I can turn this thing off if I want to” and it’s true, but on a global level I don’t see technology as being a switch that can just be flipped off anymore.

It’s also something that’s growing exponentially. I guess I’d compare technology to plants. It’s like a new species or something. The way it is now we depend on technology as much as it depends on us. I can’t see us (people) going back to the times of not depending on machines (technology), but I can see a time when machines are not so dependent on us.

I’m not saying I think there’s going to be a war like in Terminator, or us being raised like in the Matrix, but I think anyone can imagine maybe a farm that can run 99.9% independent of people. We’re probably not too far away from that. What’s the next step? Raising our pets? Being our pets? Raising our kids?

I’m already sure most people (well, most of my readers ;)) know how useful technology is for keeping people blind to facts (spreading propaganda, dumbing down the masses, etc.). Look at China (or the US for that matter). Uh… I’m getting tired.

Anyways, technology is really cool, but if not kept in check crazy things can happen (like blowin’ up islands).

OK, off to sleep.

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