OK, Got something to write about

Too lazy to put up the pictures from the weekend so I wasn’t even going to post anything. What happened is someone asked me to substitute for them today so I did, I had something to do after that (a visit with the Chinese Medicine Doctor) and came home. After checking my mail and doing my postings, I’m all tuckered out.

Well, I wanted to do something today and I thought of something I could get done real quick before bedtime.

I had been eyeballing a new domain, but I wasn’t ready to purchased it yet. My success with Mepis (along some some other people’s success) has prompted me to go for it. I got demicrosoft.org. What I’ll do there is try to get links and info for making the switch from Windows to Linux. Switching isn’t for everyone, but I’d like to help those that want to (even though I need tons of it still). I think it’s something good for me to start now because I’m pretty new to Linux (very new actually) and I’ll try to take good notes. People who’ve been using it for a long time probably have forgotten what it feels like to not know anything.

We’ll see if I ever take that one anywhere.

I should get some pics up tomorrow.


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2 Responses to OK, Got something to write about

  1. dave says:

    I’ve started using Ubuntu pretty regularly and I enjoy it. There are some hurdles to overcome, but some things are really a lot easier in Linux. I’ve found that I don’t need Microsoft as much as I thought I did before (when I was looking at Linux), but games and proper converting of Word files has me still using Windows.

    Good luck with the venture, hope to see some pictures sometime.

  2. miltownkid says:

    Ubuntu is the other distro I’ve head good things about. I’ll be sure to try that one out soon. What I did (and am doing) to get me prepared for switching was using as many opensource products as I could under Windows.

    Now, pretty much everything I’m familiar with using is on Linux, so there won’t be much trouble moving over. I know a bunch of little things will crop up and I’ll make notes on how I deal with them.

    We’ll see what happens…

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