Hard at Work

I been a real busy bee as of late. Today I was putting the finishing touches on the webcalendar for Forumosa.com. You can see that here (www.forumosa.com.tw). I also figured out how to get the automated account setup thing for my hosting services to work. Basically that means that if someone wanted hosting from me they could get it all setup automatically without me lifting a finger. That took a little while to figure out.

Frost substituted for someone at school today so we kicked it for a while after school. Right after school we went to a PHS retail store (like Sprint of something) so I could see what kind of plans they had. After struggling with English for a while I switched over to Mandarin to find out about the plans and the lady told me “Only Taiwanese and Japanese can get PHS phones, not foreigners” :P. Well, long story short is I feel another VS. (see right sidebar) coming on. I did send off an email already, but I’m too tired to do a silly pose or something.

After that we had some lunch and ran into Horse (my Taiwanese buddy that lives close to the house, ma, remember that guy that said I was talking to loud in the alley). Horse ended up treating us to lunch so I treated him (and Frost) to a few games of pool. He’s a younger chap (but older than me) so he teaches me how to say all that cool stuff I’ve never bothered learning how to say in Mandarin (like amphetamines). After Frost and I got back to the crib, we rocked out a little Tekken and it was time for him to go, then I just went nuts on computer stuff.

Let me check my camera for new pictures, can’t be too lazy…

OK, first up is:

501 (pronounced five oh one) and his 501 pairs of shoes

501 Shoes

To me, that’s a lot of shoes. He has more in the apartment.

Baby Godzilla

Baby Godzilla

Brian spotted this dude on the bike path during our Saturday morning outing. Taipei’s gonna be in trouble if this little dude ends up crawlin’ into that toxic ass river. It’ll be Tokyo all over again.

They’re Everywhere!


Queer Eye has even attacked my favorite video game. Is there no end to their metrosexual ways!!!

OK, I’ve had enough of the computer for now.


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3 Responses to Hard at Work

  1. miltownmom says:

    Thanks for the entertainment. Who is that with all the shoes?

  2. miltownkid says:

    501 just likes shoes. Some he bought and some people gave him because they know he likes shoes. I’d be like Christmas everyday over there for Dave :D.

  3. miltownkid says:

    I miss read that :P. You met 501, he works at the school I work at.

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