Checked out a Brazilian Jujitsu school today. I checked this school out once before, but they changed locations last week so I went to see the new space. I didn’t think I’d do anything, but I brought some pants and a spare shirt just in case. The new space was in a community center and was very spacious. Much better suited than the space he was in before.

After Chatting with Andy for a while he asked me if I wanted to jump on the mat. Sure! Should be fun.

Since I’ve never really done Jujitsu before (except for once at PJ’s place) I couldn’t do much but be defensive. It was still a good time. I think I did a good job squigglin’ away and such, but I ended up tappin’ out twice. When I was all done I huffed and puffed for a good 45 minutes afterward. I was nice a drained. Maybe I’ll join up with them guys.

Other then that it was game club, Chinese study and a trip to Costco. I also saw someone today I haven’t seen for a while, it was pretty funny. Not much else to report.

I enjoyed making that “song” so much I might try to make a new one every week, then maybe in about 30 weeks I’ll have enough material to “release” a CD :D.

OK, night.


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2 Responses to BJ…J

  1. Kahna says:

    Your “Kimchi Offensive” still has me giggling like a child three days later… A worthy finishing move. Hope to see you on the mats again soon.

  2. miltownkid says:

    Ha! No more early morning Kimchi for me. 😀

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