Just Chillin’

I’ll probably be back to updating things on a regular basis once I’m done messing around with a few things I’m doing (trying out new software, reading some books, etc.). After this weekend my http://www.miltownkid.com site should have a different look to it and I’ll be updating it more often. Maybe I’ll even get my photo page crackin’.

While typing I decided to see what pictures I had on my camera and I forgot about this one I took last night. I saw this on my way to the Forumosa Happy Hour.

Taibei (Taipei) 101 Night Shot

Taipei 101 at night

This is a pretty slick thing to do with the 101. Might as well put all those empty offices to use somehow. I’ll share with you the first analogy that came to mind when I saw it.

“It’s like Taipei tattooed it’s name on it’s **** and it glows in the dark.”

How cool is that?

Now in order to balance out some the cool I’ll give you a picture of some suck. At the HH last night I talked with someone that’s try to raise people’s awareness of animal rights here. Whilst talking he told about some people I can call when I see maltreated animals. He said just get a picture for evidence. Well, there’s one I’ve seen for a while. During lunch today I took a picture.

Mucho Sucko, Now There are 2 Dogs in There

Two dogs in a small cage

The first few times I saw this there was only one dog in there, now they’ve added another little puppy. Maybe I’ll go ask about that dog before I do anything, but my gut tells me it’s just a suck situation.

Someone asked me to record an audio file off-line for them and in the process of doing so I finally ended up installing Audacity (website). I’ve only messed with it for about 15, but I’ve already produced (is that correct term?) my first track. I felt the need to shared it with someone and you are the unlucky soul (sorry).

(The link to download miltronkid’s first track Right click and choose Save as.. 350k)

I guess you can just click the link if you have QuickTime or something else installed. Try it!


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2 Responses to Just Chillin’

  1. Nine says:

    Yo, what up MC I’mSoUncoolI’mCool?! Love your new track. Um…don’t change your day job, ok? ; )

    About the dogs in that cage, please do let us know what happens after you speak with the “owner.” Sorry jackass is all I can say. Jackass is my favorite word right now.

  2. miltownmom says:

    Ditto on the day job. Of course, this was just a practice run, so it wasn’t so bad. Are those your neighbor’s dogs? I never saw them in a cage.

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