Time to kick it up a notch…

BAM! (was going to title it “miltownchef”)

I kicked things up a notch on two different fronts over the past 2 days. Let’s start with yesterday.

Yesterday I did something that (I’m not proud to say) I haven’t done in over a year… cook. I’m not even sure making just-add-water pancakes counts as cooking, but it think it’s more than close enough for me.

Flip it

Flip it

This also gave us a chance to put the Peach Honey we bought in Hualian to use, and let me tell you. It was F**KTASTIK!!

Part of a Healthy Breakfast


So now I’m officially declaring Sunday’s as miltownchef days. Omelets are up for next week.

That takes cares of notch #1 on to #2. After work and playing a bunch of Tekken today I made my way to Taida University to figure out my application procedure. I got all the info from all the people so now I’m making some headway into starting school (yay!) I guess notch #2 is a precursor notch kick.

Other things… I’ve reconciled with my principle so now I plan on hanging out there. Even, though I’m upset with things (and stuff) my actual working situation is really nice, plus the school is so close to the house and I like it that way. I put the TPR stuff I learned over the weekend to work in class today and, it worked. There’s nothing magical about it, but it’s definitely something worth keeping in the back of the mind. Actually, it’s something I did before in the past, but forgot about… The past weekend’s meeting was a nice reminder.

I’ll wrap this one up with a picture of Eric, for no particular reason (but it was shot today).


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