Shots that could have been…

Today was fantasmic. I had an excellent bike ride. Met some excellent people. And did some excellent things.

It’s late and I should sleep, but here we go…

I was a bad parent and neglected my bike all through the winter, so now it has these little rust spots all over. After wiping it all down, I was ready to go, but ARG! no air. I locomoted through the neighborhood until I happened upon a little scooter shop. The LaoBan (boss) was a really nice guy. After getting directed to the pump I asked for a pressure gauge and he was nice enough to just give me one. I realized the chain was looking a tad rusted as well and he let me help myself to the oil. After I was pumped and oiled I was ready to go. What followed was an adventure along river paths, book reading by some rivers, games, and an eventual reentry to home base.

The reentry was really just a pit stop because I needed to get ready to make my way over to YingGe for the first meeting of “Teacher Club”. I’d tell you about it, but the first rule of Teacher Club is we don’t talk about… Ok, sorry about that (though I think that might be a good first rule).

Just like in the movie Fight Club, Teacher Club’s first meeting was of only two people (wait, maybe I don’t want it to be like the movie, cause that would mean I’ve been talking to myself for the last 3 hours :O). Some people on Forumosa hope to create a little network of teachers sharing ideas and stuff. What it boils down to is teachers who like teaching and want to get better will get together and brainstorm on ways to make each other better. I should turn out real good. If you want to read more about that I direct you to the Forumosa thread [CLICK HERE].

I learned some cool “new” ideas and plans on testing some out in class next week. Should work out nice. Afterward we went for a sub and beer at a place called… I can’t remember the name, but it was a Belgium place run by thee coolest Belgian I’ve ever met. The I hopped on a bus to BanQiao MRT station and cabbed home. A nice day.

This photos I wanted to take, but didn’t consisted of some breakers in the train station at YingGe, this kid riding a man powered scooter that looked like a thy master and some other misc. stuff. It’s time for me to sleep.

milto… zzZzZzZzz

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