Beer Tastes Good

Something I never thought I’d say. Last week I started having a beer with lunch everyday and I’m really liking it. I’m not sure how it happened, but beer has magically started to taste good O.O. I guess that’s one of those things that happens when you grow up or something. Next thing you know I’ll be posting about how good LaCroix is (my mom always used to drink that stuff).

Well, I think I should be all rested up and recovered after the weekend and back to my daily action packed picture filled posts. I’m going to hit you with a little slice of all the pics that got taken between now and when my ma first arrived. Hope you enjoy. When I get more time I’ll be putting together a proper photo page with pics of family, friends, people, what pinyin and (of course) me. My ma brought me back a little booty of old pics that should be nice to have scanned in.

My touch typing skills have improved ten-fold over the last couple of weeks. There was about a five day stretch when I took practice really serious and the improvements were almost instant. Now I can understand why so many people have long winded blogs. If you can type 65+ WPM (words per minute) it’s probably really easy to get carried away.

One other note worthy thing for the week is I got a membership to one of the comic stores close to the house so I could have something fun to read everyday to keep my Chinese study fresh. I’ll have to get a picture of what one of these places look like for yall. Someone at the store recommended I start reading Doraemon I’m going to finish up book one and get book 2 today. It’s a pretty funny series and not too hard to read for a high-karate beginner like myself.

I best stop typing and gets to the photos today. I have many and what you’ll see is just a glimpse.

I Bet One of These Would Go Good With a McAfika


I took this picture in a night market semi-close to the Taipei 101.

The miltownfoot
(aka Look at Me Ma, I’m on Top of the World)


This was taking from the side of the road on a little mountain tour we took from the Grand Formosa. This spot was cool. The clouds were swirlin’ around and shit. Real pretty.

Little Bit o’ Hot, Little Bit o’ Cold


On the left you see a cold river. On the right, a hot spring.

The miltownme


The Worst “Pinyin” EVER!!!


That’s all that needs to be said. I think (hope) it’s safe to say this is a typo.

How Angry B*****s Keep Their Teeth Clean


This tooth paste actually tastes pretty good, but for some reason after I was done brushing my teeth I felt the need to ice grill every one I saw.

[Note: salty = upset, pissed; ice grill = lookin’ all mean and shit]

Shot Outside the Grand Formosa


The miltownmom


and SuperDave Representin’!!


Notice that the statue in the mom pic is the same one in the one right above that one (it’s in the upper right hand corner and pretty small).

Looking at my photos reminds me that I haven’t put up a picture of after (from the messy computer room before). I’ll probably get that up tomorrow. When I do get a photo gallery up I’ll probably post less pictures here and just direct you to the photo gallery when applicable.

Well, that should do for today. It’s was nice “seeing” you again.

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