Forumosa :: View topic – The Mc Afrika

Forumosa :: View topic – The Mc Afrika

Because I’m too lazy to put together a “proper” blog right now I give you the above link as a peace offering. This is also a direct link to my hang out on the WWW.

Today I’ve been busy working on something for my soon-to-be released hosting site, so I’m a little tired of being in front of the computer. This Mc Afrika would probably go good together with a “Niger Seed” Donut (picture coming soon, only available in Taiwan). Hopefully my buddy adoa will have it up on his blog soon.

Frost showed me a preview to part 2 of his mini me series. It should be good.

Peace out (and sour kraut)

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1 Response to Forumosa :: View topic – The Mc Afrika

  1. Jack Burton says:

    Hiya Miltown,

    The Niger Seed name maybe not as bad as you think. In fact, it’s the official name ( I don’t know if you remember latin, but “niger” means black, so it’s a black seed, and doesn’t, IMHO, refer to the N-word. FYI, there’s a major river in West Africa called the Niger (though perhaps for a different reason:

    That said, I grew up with the infamous toothpaste originally called “Darkie” with a “sambo”-type caricature. (now called “Darlie”).

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