I Have No Strings to Hold Me Down

This post is coming from I-Ping’s laptop via WiFi. Since I got paid today I went out and got a wireless router and set that up. The router somehow magically fixed the Internet on my Linux box, so I’m happy about that as well.

Mom and Dave had a pretty lazy day today. We’re were going to go to the musem, but ended up staying at home watching Kung Fu movies. We did go out to the Brother hotel for a nice dinner though. Frost was chillin at the crib for a while after work since he stopped in to pick up his payday money.

I using IE (Internet Explorer) right now and am not liking it. I probably won’t get orginized enough to post any pictures while my mom is here, but we’ll see. Mom brought me a bunch of pictures I need to scan and upload into an album as well, so there’ll be a lot of pictures on the way.

Enough of this IE crap.


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