The MCSE that Couldn’t

You ever hear of that MCSE that couldn’t network two computers? Did you ever wonder who he was? Well, now you know 😛 (you’re reading his words). Even though I didn’t get my computer desk yet, I decided to setup the second computer today. There was one thing I wanted to get off of it before I installed Linux, so I decided to network the two of them (since I’ve never done that before and I figured I’d save a CD). I had all the cables I needed and a hub, everything was hooked up, now it was time to get them properly configured.

I thought the Microsoft Networking Wizard would wave his wand and make magical things happen, but I would end up being really disappointed. After messing with the “Wizard” for about 30 minutes I had to go (but luckily got a phone call from a friend with a tip). The tip was to manually set the IPs, so as soon as I got home I did that. After getting them both setup I tried Pinging them (from each machine). SUCCESS!! I ran the Wizard one more time for good measure and everything was up and running. Copied the file I wanted and was all good. After that I finished doing the telephone tests for the kids I missed yesterday.

Right now I’m installing Fedora (Core 3) and when it’s done I’m, going to setup the desk I bought (I ran to the store and picked it up in between posting) and get this room clean.

I haven’t pulled the pics off my camera since Sunday. Here’s a couple.

High Geekery


You can never have enough laptops.



This is Angel making her scary face.

I began my touch typing mastery practice again yesterday and it’s going quite well. I miss Dvorak and will probably switch to it again after using QWERTY for a while. Fedora’s done and it’s time for dinner. I’ll get a picture of my new geeked out setup when it’s done.

If you’re interested in becoming a touch typing master as well there’s a really nice free program for it. [GNU Typist]

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