I’m Your Little Butterfly.

That’s right, all this time you’ve been looking for him and I was right here. You’re little butterfly. OK, this makes absolutely no sense to people who’ve never played or seen DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), but it’ll make some sense shortly (when/if you download the video).

Today was pretty chill. Adoa and I went to hits golf balls, but the place was closed because they were doing something, so we just hung and and bitched about how shitty it is in the US :D. Then I went over to Xinmending and met up with Frost. From there we hit the arcade and played a few rounds of Time Crisis 3 (very nice) and I played a couple rounds of DDR. I was unknowingly recorded. Here’s how it came out.

Mac and other users beware. This is a WMV file and I’ve heard some people have a problem viewing these (damn you Micro$oft!). I’m the future I’ll probably encode things into something more universally friendly, but this is the easiest for me to do now.


After DDRin’ we went to me crib (my house) to play Tekken 5. Boy is it a nice game. I’ll probably be doing a little bit of that before dream time.

and with that I exit (stage right).

[Note: I plan on making a page with vocabulary of locations and people that are frequently mentioned in the blog, just for the sake of Sake. ]

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2 Responses to I’m Your Little Butterfly.

  1. Frost says:

    “Adoa and I went to hits gold balls”

    Something you want to tell us about?

    Oh and you forgot to tell them I rocked you at Tekken 5! BooYa!!

  2. miltownkid says:

    Gold Balls? What are you talking about :P. Just so everyone knows “rocked” coming from Frost = button smashing and ending up equal (in the amount of wins we both had). Unfortunately as days go by the tables will turn :D.

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