I ended up finishing one of the things I wanted to get done last night. I stayed up a little too late messing with it, but I got my Guestblock installed. Basically it’s a Guest Book (I never liked guest book’s) with a twist. When people leave messages they get to also leave a block (that you get to choose) and the blocks get stayed up.

If you read this blog, take a few seconds to leave a block for me :D. I saw this on someone else’s site and thought it was pretty cool.

[LEAVE ME A BLOCK] Homer Block


  • Swim at least three times.
  • Setup the computer I bought last Sunday and install Linux and BSD.
  • Study Chinese for at least an hour a day.
  • Start reading my book about CSS.

There’s more than just these I’m sure, but hopefully Friday or Saturday I’ll be able to honestly say they were all mission accomplished. I can’t really prove three of them, but sometime this week you should see a picture of Linux setup and running (in an organized fashion) on that heap of junk that’s currently sitting behind me.

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One Response to miltownblock

  1. Anonymous says:

    GuestBlock is HOT!

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